Youth volunteer Grae Fischer receives Christian Service Award

gtccIn the garden we welcome so many wonderful people; families, youth groups, NCL, Brophy Key Club, ASU, NAU and UofA students, doctors, children, Madison Meadows Charitable Acts Club and so many more. One special family in particular, the Fischers (Lisa, Ed, Grae and Michael), have made Growing Together Giving Garden an important part of their volunteer time for over four years. Last month, 8th grade St. Francis Xavier student, Grae, 14, received the Father Sullivan Ignatian Spirit Christian Service Award along with 35 of her peers from various Catholic Schools around the Valley. Grae tributes her love for service, helping others and sharing a sense of community to her many experiences in the garden. One example stands out. “For Grae’s birthday, instead of having her friends bring gifts for her party, she asked them to purchase needed supplies for Growing Together Giving Garden. She and her friends purchased needed items (gloves, tools, and seeds) and presented these wonderful gifts to the garden volunteers. We celebrated Grae’s birthday together in the garden that Saturday morning while tilling soil, turning compost, and planting seeds,” says our humble and grateful garden community at GTGG.

In addition, Grae and her Mom, also members of National Charity League, give their time every month with the Moon Valley Chapter as well as support our holiday Christmas parties for a group of foster children we serve. Thank you, Grae! It is an incredible blessing to learn from you as we experience together how the garden draws such a wide and deep community each week. To plant seeds of service and friendship and experience, and share our harvest with the community is a true gift and a blessing. You empower others to reap the benefits as a loving and giving community together!

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