Moon Valley chapter of National Charity League adopt the garden — again!


National Charity League (NCL), a national mother-daughter philanthropy organization, has been a significant and invaluable volunteer group in the garden for the past two years. Each year NCL selects a charity organization to support, and we have been selected again for 2016-2017!

NCL generously supports our garden every year with their time, talent and treasure, and this year has been no different. We recently received a generous donation allowing us to purchase new shelving for our shed, garden tools and supplies, and for the 3rd season now, NCL is participating in our Adopt-a-Bed program. “NCL Mothers and Daughters are one of the hardest working volunteers we’ve seen as they are always on time, with a smile at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning (yes, teenage girls!), and with open hearts and giving hands, ready to serve,” says Judy Walden, garden volunteer.

We look forward to having them plant their Adopt-a-Bed in late March as well as their support throughout our spring growing season and next fall. Thank you, NCL for your mission to serve and all you are to support GTGG! You ROCK, ladies, and it is a pleasure to have you as part of our volunteer team!


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  1. Lisa Fischer

     /  April 5, 2016

    We at NCL-Moon Valley love the garden!


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