December’s volunteer of the month: Jill Green, Team Interact Mentor, Washington High School

Jill GreenWhy do you love coming to the garden?

Even though the garden is a bustling place on Saturdays, to sit off by myself and weed and just watch everyone else – the students are flitting around after Judy gives them instructions, Ronda and Sandy are figuring out what to plant next in the beds, Annie is seeing what’s ripe for harvest and the volunteers are buzzing. Connecting with nature and friends and students is perfect.

How have you grown with the garden?

Despite my last name, I don’t have a green thumb. I observe and absorb everything. I’m almost brave enough to get my own garden going. The garden makes me happy. I pass it every morning on the way to school, and it makes me smile.

What has the garden done for you and the Interact students?

Our Interact club volunteers at dozens of local charities, and there is no question that the garden is at the top of the list. How else can you explain a van full of teenagers at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning who are eager to get their hands dirty? Even though they come for the fun of being with their friends, the garden is really an outdoor classroom where the students learn about sustainability, biology, entomology, chemistry and hydrology. I am always so proud of their hard work and dedication to whatever task is at hand as they connect with their community.

P.S. Jill and Team Interact have volunteered at Growing Together for over 3 years. Aligned with our mission to serve the community, we are truly blessed while their “Service above Self” motto is shared as we dig in the dirt together!

Thank you, Jill for your incredible love and leadership. WE have learned so much from YOU!

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