August’s volunteer of the Month: Candace Wilkinson

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 9.44.40 PMWhy do you come to the garden?

I enjoy digging around in the dirt, watching things come up and of course, the satisfaction of tasty rewards!

What do you like best about the garden?

I love hearing other folks’ stories (gardening and otherwise) — why they are there, where their interest in growing things has come from, what successes & failures they’ve had, what books they read, what thoughts they have on life’s adventures.  I also enjoy delivering the harvest to the Food Shelf folks or the Lighthouse.

What have you learned by coming to the garden?

I’ve gardened for many years, but learning to grow things in the desert is something else again.  I have learned SO MUCH from Ronda, Susan, JoAnne, Augie & Benito and many others.  My garden at home is doing much better as a result. 🙂

And from all of us at Growing Together Giving Garden, we thank you for your love, dedication, enthusiasm and genuine garden spirit & smile as you continue to help us grow to fulfill our mission to serve our community!

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