June’s Volunteer of the Month: Camden Katz


camden2June’s Giving Garden Volunteer of the Month has been in process for quite some time . . . and will continue through 2014. Camden Katz and his 5th grade students from Tesseract School came to the garden earlier this year on a field trip with volunteer parents and his teacher, Adopt-a-Bed garden enthusiast and friend, Mrs. Jordana Hale, to learn, serve and grow in the knowledge of the garden.

After their visit, Camden and his Mom, Lisa, approached us about adopting a garden bed for one year. “Camden has picked Growing Together as his Mitzvah project this year. He will have a Bar Mitzvah in another year and has chosen this project to contribute back to the community,” said Lisa. When asked why this project, Camden responded, “I just wanted to help others.”

His first project will be to grow cantaloupe. He will be in charge of visiting it regularly to make sure weeds are cleared and everything is growing smoothly. He will then harvest the finished product in July and then donate it to the missions we serve in our community. He will also volunteer at the shelter with the children to better understand why his time is so helpful to others less fortunate.

Thank you Growing Together for allowing Camden to be reminded why it is so important to help others and thank you, Lisa and Camden for growing together with us.

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