St. Francis Xavier Arrupe Project 2014: Thank you Tommy Moore and Jack Flanagan

This is our 4th year that Growing Together was chosen by St. Francis Xavier students as the beneficiary of their middle-school service project called the Arrupe Project Named after Father Pedro Arrupe S.J. who said, “Our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others,” the goal of the project is to empower students to become men and woman for others through faith, service and justice as they seek out worthy charities to support through their project.

The students are required to earn $10 which is then matched by St. Francis Xavier School and the $20 is then used to purchase necessary supplies to plan, organize and facilitate a fundraiser for their chosen charity. We are blessed to have a great variety of items donated that continue to serve our needs well in to the future. This year two generous young men volunteered in the garden and decided Growing Together was their charity of choice:

  • Tommy Moore raised funds to purchase an auger for our compost bins. This very important tool will help us turn the compost daily and create the “secret sauce” which benefits our garden beds and helps us continue to grow!
  • Jack Flanagan donated several smaller trimming tools and hoses to ensure we can trim and thin our vegetables with a delicate hand. The hoses are currently hooked up to our potting shed station after we harvest and wash vegetables before bagging and delivering them to the missions we serve.

We are so grateful to have these two young men involved with the garden. As cousins, Jack and Tommy also raised funds to participate in our seasonal Adopt-a-Bed program. They received 10% of the carrots they nurtured and grew while the balance served the homeless. This is what making a difference is all about! Thank you, Jack and Tommy in addition to all SFX students and their families who continue to be an important part in supporting our mission to serve our community through your generous gifts and love.

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