March’s Volunteer of the Month: Washington High’s Team Interact


The students from Washington High School Team Interact have much to say when it comes to “Service Above Self,” their club motto. After volunteering once or twice a month in the garden for the past two years, it was time to find out  — How has the garden changed YOU out in the community? Here’s what they had to say:

  • 022814ricky“Gardening is not hard but it is amazing how something so small, like a vegetable or turning compost, can affect so many lives in such a positive way.” ~ Joseangel Gonzalez, senior who will be leading the Interact Team (a.k.a. Rotaract Club) at NAU next fall.
  • “I love getting closer to my Interact Team when we meet on Saturday mornings. I appreciate what it means to volunteer and to see how others are impacted by our service in the community.” ~ Erica Balderas, Interact Team President
  • “I am more appreciative and thankful through helping others – changing the world one day at a time.” ~ Gerson Gonzalez
  • “The garden has taught me many skills and how we can impact our community and communicate better with others.” ~ FideRica Saenz
  • “The garden and volunteering here is fun. I have learned about a new hobby in gardening and at the same time helping others.” ~ Ricardo Lopez
  • “I love the comrade! As the club sponsor, I love to see their eyes light up when they work together.” Jim Green, Rotary Club sponsor.
  • “I appreciate Team Interact and their support to the Foster Home we serve and their gift of a Christmas party to the children.” ~ Annie Mittelstaedt, garden volunteer
  • “I am grateful for these wonderful students giving back to a community by being part of a community.” ~ Pam Fitzgerald, garden volunteer



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