November’s Volunteer of the Month Club Member: Joanne Meltzer

Joanne Meltzer

Joanne Meltzer

You will often find Joanne pushing a wheel barrow, digging in the dirt, on top of the wood chips; chopping vines for compost . . . always ready and focused on what it takes to complete the tasks for that day in the garden. Yet, in addition being such a dedicated and hard worker, we can always count on Joanne as she is an incredibly supportive volunteer who will do whatever it takes to help others, jump in anywhere needed, and always wants to learn more about gardening. Joanne is really fun, energetic, full of life in addition to being a wonderful friend. When we think of Joanne, we think of JOY and CARING because she shares both with us! Thank you, Joanne! We love having you in the garden with us. Below Joanne shares her reasons for coming to the garden:

“The reason I come to the garden is because it is FUN! It is also a great way to get exercise without actually exercising. Bring on the wood chips! My favorite part of the garden is the knowledge you are all willing to share. For example, this week Ronda showed me how to inspect for the little green worms called hornworms and I have been outside in my garden for the past three days inspecting each plant – I am determined to win! What I am most proud is that this is something I can do to help other people who are down on their luck. It is “nourishing” to be able to give back something … I am also extremely impressed with the student volunteers, who, when in the course of a day you only hear negative comments about the youth of today, it’s nice to know there are mature, polite and respectful students who truly enjoy helping. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to “grow together” with you!”
~ Joanne Meltzer

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