January’s Volunteer of the Month Club Member: Pam Fitzgerald

Pam Fitzgerald

Pam Fitzgerald

“Before I got involved with the garden, I had started a vegetable garden at my home.  I enjoyed gardening and my success was hit or miss.  The more I did, the more I learned that ‘I knew nothing.’ I had noticed the garden a couple times, and finally took the time to stop.  I got a phone number and talked to Judy and Annie.  I showed up ‘late’ the first time, but they didn’t care. They just put me to work. I still show up ‘late’ and everyone just laughs and just say ‘good to see you, now get to work.’
I continued coming because I had made some new friends and enjoyed the company.    I also loved diversity of the people who came to help at the garden.   I have learned so much about gardening from Ronda, Sandy, Heather and everyone else.  My own gardening skills have improved.  Most of all, I feel that I am doing something worthwhile.   Growing ‘good organic’ food for people in need gives me a sense of worth.  Being a retired teacher, I really find it exciting to see kids do their volunteer hours in the garden; school groups come for a tour and learn that food doesn’t just come from the store; children come with their parents and tend the garden together. There is a real feeling of acceptance and love among the people who work at the garden. I find it to be very fulfilling to watch everything grow in the garden and I am always amazed to see how quickly the barren land becomes an amazingly beautiful ‘urban farm.’  I also am amazed at the effort so many people have contributed to make this garden a very special place.  I am afraid you are stuck with me.”

. . . and we are so blessed that we are stuck with you, garden friend.

Thank you, Pam!

— Pam Fitzgerald

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