Arrupe Project helps make a better garden

Growing Together was recently chosen by five St. Francis Xavier students as the beneficiary of their middle-school service project called the Arrupe Project.  Each student is given seed money and asked to raise funds to purchase items to donate to their chosen charity.  We were fortunate to have a great variety of items donated that will serve our needs well in to the future.


  • Carolyn Blake donated gloves, clippers and tillers to work our expanded compost areas.
  • Maddy Todd donated hand clippers, weeders and a new wheel for one of our wheelbarrows.
  • Annie Grant donated a weed eater.
  • Clare Hans also purchased shade cloth and rebar to create additional shade structures for our tomatoes.
  • Kate Witt  (not shown) donated shades that can be rolled up and down to block the sun at our ramada.
  • Bella Rose (not shown) gave us shade cloth to cover the top of the ramada.

We are so grateful to have these donations as well as the help of these and many other St. Francis Students  and faculty.

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