Early bird Tuesdays!

tuesday3Some say that “the early bird catches the worm” but at Growing Together, A Giving Garden, the “early bird” has been catching an amazing opportunity to experience a beautiful sunrise, quality interactions with like-minded volunteers, and the chance to do work worth doing.

For the last few months volunteers like Candace, Diane, Joanne, Allen, Ronda and Susan have been meeting before 7am on Tuesdays to work on projects like scouting plants for the dasterdly tomato hornworms; thinning fruit trees;  harvesting and braiding garlic (so it may dry) and fantastic vegetables for our local charity partners; planting pickling cucumbers and extraordinary beans; weeding; watering; and relishing in nature and the wonder of “the little seed going down and the vibrant plant popping up!”

tuesday2As Wise Candace said this week, “We are there to give, but we take away SO much more than we ever expected with our fellowship and the opportunity to learn from each other.”

Come join us!  Our next Early Bird Tuesday mornings are June 11 & June 25  (6:30 – 8:00 am), found on our website calendar.

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