Thank you to our Adopt-a-Bed Spring 2013 donors

Holly and Izzy Van Winkle

Holly and Izzy Van Winkle

Thank you to our Adopt-a-Bed Spring 2013 donors:

  • Witt Family
  • Hobaica Family
  • Mike and Maddy Todd
  • Pam Fitzgerald
  • Interact Team: Washington High School Students
  • Worcester Family
  • Patten Family
  • Pink Light Ladies
  • Van Winkle Family
  • Diane Flynn
  • Seeger Family
  • Mary Burke
  • Charlie Bullen
  • Grant Family
  • Jenny & Randy Clemson
  • Susan Williams and the WWWW group
  • Mark & Mary Kaech
  • Minnick Family
  • Hale Family

We planted peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers — come watch us GROW this spring!

Our Adopt-a-Bed program is one of our volunteer opportunities every fall and spring planting season. Families and garden enthusiasts donate $100 to support the garden; they cultivate their bed, plant seeds/seedlings, help with weeding and watering, harvest their crop for delivery to serve our community. A special donor sign and stepping stones are placed in their beds. A reverse-tithe of 10% of the crops they planted and nurtured are theirs to enjoy!

The Worcester Family

The Worcester Family

Pink Light Ladies

Pink Light Ladies

Pam Fitzgerald

Pam Fitzgerald

Washington High School's Interact Team

Washington High School’s Interact Team

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