Adopt-A-Bed success!

Thank you to the following families and groups that supported our Adopt-a-Bed partnership this fall. Together these folks planted seeds mid-September and will be big part of our garden growth as we watch radishes, carrots, kale, beets, cauliflower and broccoli grow to serve those in need. 90% of their harvest will serve our mission outreach groups and they will keep 10% as a reverse tithe to enjoy the “fruits of their labor”. We look forward to seeing much growth with families, our community and our vegetables this fall. We have additional beds available so please let us know if you are interested. Our fall planting deadline is the end of October. Thank you to:
  • Parker Lane and Fans
  • The Michael Todd Family
  • The Ed Witt Family
  • The Chad Rose Family
  • Cub Scout Pack #107 Webelo Den I &II from All Saints School
  • Graniola Robbins and Family
  • Nana & Papa Rowland
  • Chris & Brad Patten Family
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