Our grant for a Mantis Rototiller

Our new Mantis Rototiller

This past winter we applied for a grant that would award us a Mantis Rototiller for our garden and we got one!!!  We were one of 25 gardens across the United States that were awarded one of these amazing rototillers and we feel very blessed.  We were required to submit a few paragraphs about our garden and how our garden benefits children.  Our story included all the kids that come to the garden to learn how to grow food, make compost and have fun in the dirt.  We also included the children who receive our fresh produce.  The Living Streams Pantry serves over 1,000 families a week and is grateful to receive our donations of squash, broccoli, cauliflower and very soon our watermelon and corn.  We also help feed children at a foster home for abused children that is located in North Central Phoenix.  We recently delivered over 50 pounds of food to this home and the kids loved all the citrus and hopefully the squash!

This tiller will make tilling our in-ground beds each season much easier and allows us to focus on other deeds in the garden.  Thank you Mantis for your generous donation.

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